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What is your favourite drink to make?
My favourite drink to make is an espresso martini because you can add your own flare to the design of the chocolate powder garnish, which makes each one individual.

I am a bartender who loves flare and would sit down on Youtube watching flare competitions so if any bartender adds a bit of flare when working, then im impressed.

What is your most memorable experience in 101?
My most memorable experience was when I handed out my first ever bramble cocktail. (I came from a different bar and I only knew one type of gin.

How would you describe 101’s customers?
Our customers are exciting. Each day a new crowd arrives with different tastes, leading to more adventurous drinks and palates to please.

How would you describe a night at 101 Limerick?
A fun night with great music, atmosphere and a show by our bartenders. Not to mention friendly service from our hostess and floor staff

Who is your favourite person to work with?
My favourite person to work with is tommy as we have worked together now for 2 years. He is a fantastic bartender.

Fun fact: I am partially colorblind and I was born left handed but switched to right at the end of primary.

What would you like to see next for 101 Limerick?
I would like 101 to be considered the best bar in Ireland as it certainly doesn’t get the reputation it deserves.

Best thing about 101 Limerick?
The atmosphere and friendly people.

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