101 Creations

101 Creations


Mai Valentine by Luke
My favourite cocktail to make (and a lot of the time, to drink too!) is a twist on the ol’ reliable, the Mai Tai. The Mai Valentine is a humble but flavourful Pistachio variant of the rum classic. The classic Mai Tai is a fruity-sweet rum based drink that oozes character and class.

The idea behind the Mai Tai is to enhance the blend of Caribbean flavors that are already present from the key rums used. A delicious and traditional dark Jamaican rum is used as a float on top of the served drink which adds another dimension of depth to the drink as you work down through it. For a drink with only 4-5 main ingredients, it has layers of flavour. Swapping out almonds used in the orgeat syrup for pistachios is what makes this drink so unique, and the lovely green hue from the nuts only enhance the drink’s aesthetic!

The main flavors in my Mai Tai would be citrus (orange and lime) and a lovely sweet nuttyness from the pistachio orgeat syrup and bitters used. Of course, the vanilla-sweet white rum blend is the base of the flavour profile in this classic, and that along with the soft, caramel flash of dark rum, creates a delightfully refreshing sweet treat that you can definitely have more than just the one of!

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